Natwest Online Banking - Printing Repro Paper A5 Statements Online

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Natwest Online Banking – Printing Your Own Paper A5 Statements Online

20 Aug , 2019  

Want to reproduce the A5 bank statements, you used to get in the post ?

Today whilst catching up on some paperwork, I discovered to my surprise that my Natwest Online Banking, had decided to set all my statements to ‘Paperless’.
I’ve had the prompts from time to time, asking me to go paperless, but I said no every time, as I use the paper ones for my accounting.

So in light of this, I did a bit of dabbling, and before you know it, I’ve managed to very simply reproduce a similar looking statement.
An online paper statement shall we say!

Please Note: In preparation:

• Purchase yourself some A5 paper, or just do like I did, and cut yourself two sheets from a sheet of A4 folded in half (repeat as necessary).

• Load your A5 paper in a ‘Portrait’ orientation, into your printer (you may need to adjust the plastic paper guides in your printer.)


Here’s how I did it :

Step 1/ Using ‘Google Chrome’ web browser (other browsers should work similar, but for the purpose of this tutorial, i’m using Chrome.)

Log into your online banking, and choose the “Statements” option on the main menu.Set your desired ‘Start’ and ‘End’ dates.

Click the “View Transactions” button.



Step 2/ Your transactions should now be shown in a box below.
To mimic the ascending date order normally used on a printed paper statement, click the pink “Date” link, to reorder the list, resulting in oldest date at the top to newest date and the bottom.


Step 3/ Time to select ‘what’ we want to be printed.
Starting from the word ‘Showing’, use your mouse to highlight all of the content, so your mouse cursor ends up at the ‘bottom right’ corner of the table.
The content we want, should now all be highlighted blue.
From Chromes top right corner menu, choose “Print”, or use the “Ctrl +P” shortcut on your keyboard.


Step 4/ The ‘Print Preview’ window should now be displayed.
Copy the settings on your computer, from the image on the left.
(Note: You will need to click on the “more settings” text, to reveal all the options.)
• Layout = “Landscape”.
• Paper Size = “A5”.
• Headers and Footers = “Untick”.
• Background Graphics = “Untick”.
• Selection Only = “Tick”.
That’s it ! Only thing left is to click “Print”.

And That’s It !!


Really hope you’ve found this experience / tutorial useful, and please do ‘comment below’ if you have a questions or comments.

Thanks for Visiting…


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